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Lalka sprzedawana wyłącznie w dwupaku z Catty Noir.

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  • Favorite Food Milkshakes and anchovies—separately, not mixed together.
  • Favorite Activity It’s either taking a nap or waking up from a nap and immediately taking another one.
  • Killer Style I purrfer fashions that accentuate my natural feline grace, while adding just enough spikiness in my accessories to say, “I don’t come when I’m called.”
  • Pet Sweet Fang™ is my pet saber-tooth tiger cub. She’s much more cuddly than I am.

ЖЕЛАННЫЕ КУКЛЫ Монстер Хай Toralei Stripe Power Ghouls...

Via a magic mirror, Twilight Sparkle travels into an alternate universe in order to recover a crown that was stolen from the Crystal Empire. Upon her arrival she is horrified to learn that she has turned into a human.

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Я люблю кукол, и ещё я люблю кошек, поэтому я купила несколько кукол, изображающих кошек. Не скрою, сначала куклы Монстер Хай казались мне непропорциональными, уродливыми и богомерзкими. Я читала, что инициативная группа родителей даже пыталась запретить на законодательном уровне ввоз в Россию этих кукол по причине того, что они якобы калечат психику детей, пугают их, а также делают привлекательным мир вампиров, оборотней и всякой нечисти (тут была, мне кажется, какая-то нестыковочка - не понятно, что же в итоге куклы делают с детьми, то ли пугают, то ли привлекают, но на всякий случай лучше запретить). А после этого уже можно будет продолжить и запретить кукол Барби за разврат и пропаганду анорексии.

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The werecats steal a recording of the Fear Squad's routine and hand it to the Smogsnorts team. Don't Cheer the Reaper

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Casta thanks Toralei for the distraction, and promises that she'll imagine her flying around every time she sings 'Witching Hour'. Toralei is too dazed to care, and collapses to the floor. Casta flies around to wave to her fans, and sees the boys asking to be transformed into a creature. Never one to disappoint her fans, she fires a transformation spell towards them, and they turn into. teeny tiny love bugs with teenier tinier top hats. Hoodude is delighted, and the others are just happy to be transformed at all. I Casta Spell On You

Toralei spends the morning handing out fearbook copies, then proceeds with a plot to frame the Fear Squad for a prank during the Graduation Ceremony. Fear the Book

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W tej serii włosy Toralei uczesane są w jej pierwotnym stylu - na klasycznego "boba". Co więcej, widnieje w nich niebieskie pasemko. Dziewczyna ubrana jest w czerwoną sukienkę sięgającą do połowy uda. Jest ona pozbawiona rękawów oraz ozdobiona wzorem przedstawiającym czarne rybie ości oraz błękitne ślady kocich pazurów. Buty Toralei są turkusowe, na koturnie i z odkrytymi palcami. Utrzymują się one na rzemykach, a ponad to, ozdobione są ćwiekami. Do lalki został dołączony niebieski kubek z wieczkiem w kształcie głowy rekina oraz biały rybi szkielet na fioletowej podstawce.

A woman working as a security guard in an agricultural research facility finds herself and her co-worker Schmidt fighting to survive against their former friends.

По записям в личном дневнике, Торалей живет в дружной семье с любящими родителями. В записях она называет Пурсефону и Мяулодию сёстрами. И торалей, и близняшки, появляются в серии Scream Building.

Monster High Operetta Doll: The Monster High student body just got scarier with the newest students joining your favorite ghouls in the howlways. New student Operetta won't be hiding in her freaky fabulous outfit. This daughter of the Phantom is ready to rock the howlways playing her coffin-shaped guitar. Dressed in her Rockabilly style with denim capris, heeled saddle shoes, and a little white jacket with a piano key print, she screams musical talent. Operetta doll is accompanied by her pet spider friend, Memphis “Daddy O” Longlegs. Operetta doll is fully articulated so she can be posed in many different ways and includes pet friend Memphis “Daddy O” Longlegs, doll stand, brush, diary and accessory. The teenage children of the legendary monster menaces have gathered together under one roof to attend high school at Monster High. These ghouls are wild, they're fierce and they're totally trendy. They've left their parents' outdated haunting habits behind to form a killer style all their own. Collect all your favorite Monster High Dolls! Each doll sold separately.

Barbie has various misadventures with her friends and sisters in a doll-sized version of Malibu.

Торалей встречается с Рокко из Granite City High. Им нравится взаимная тяга к хитрым махинациям и разным мелким козням.

They return to the arena to watch the concert, hoping nothing goes wrong. As Casta starts to sing 'Witching Hour', Toralei grabs one of Casta's spare broomsticks, and gets ready to jump on stage and steal the show. However, she loses control of the broomstick and goes flying around the stage, before crashing into the curtains. As it turns out, her crazy flying was the distraction Casta needed to sing her song perfectly (Much to the boy's disappointment). Toralei gets up in a daze and accidentally hits the button on the control panel, setting off the fireworks just as Casta finishes her song.


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About Monster High: Monster High is unlike any high school out there. Where else can you attend classes like Mad Science, Home Ick, and Dragonomics? But the classes aren’t what make Monster... Toralei is the personification of the mean girl with her own posse. She is over-confident in her own abilities and...